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‘We never bid for alcohol breathlayser tender’

a year ago

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  • Securatec Lanka CEO says company didn’t even collect bid document
Responding to The Morning Business’ lead story published on 19 November 2021, under the title “Alcohol breathalyser tender of police mired in fraud, deceit allegations”, Securatec Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. CEO Lalindra Danawardena stated that the company had no interest in the Sri Lanka Police breathalyser tender, did not submit a bid for it, or did not even collect a bid document from the relevant authority. “These allegations are absurd. Securatec does not bid for alcohol breathalyser tenders for the moment since our high quality breathalysers are more expensive and we certainly did not bid for this particular one. We did not even collect a bid document,” Danawardena told The Morning Business yesterday (22). Allegations were levelled by Lanka Industrial Services Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. and its associate company, Assent International (Pvt.) Ltd., which took part in the tender process for the supply of alcohol breathalysers to the Sri Lanka Police in 2020, that Securatec Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., which is further claimed to have taken part in the tender process, had fraudulently represented itself as a foreign supplier of alcohol breathalysers with the intention of deceiving the former and causing reputational damage. The Morning Business regrets the above-mentioned factual error.

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