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Eravur custodial death deceased had 31 wound-based injuries

23 Nov 2021

BY Pamodi Waravita An observation report submitted by the Batticaloa Judicial Medical Officer’s (JMO) Office to the Batticaloa Magistrate’s Court has revealed that the body of Chandran Vidushan, who died whilst in Eravur Police custody in June 2021, had 31 wound-based injuries. “Although we initially got a post-mortem report from the JMO when Vidushan died, we requested a second post-mortem report as well as we were not satisfied with the first one. We are still waiting on the second post-mortem report to be sent to us by the Peradeniya University. In the meantime, the Batticaloa JMO has submitted an observation report to the court which has recorded 31 wound-based injuries to the body of the deceased victim,” Attorney-At-Law Kanagaratnam Sugash, who represents Vidushan’s family in the matter, told The Morning yesterday (23). The Police stated in June that an investigation into the death of Vidushan while in Police custody in Batticaloa has revealed that he had died of a crystal methamphetamine (ice) overdose, although family members allege that Vidushan has also been assaulted after his arrest. The family members of Vidushan, including his mother, have alleged to the media that Vidushan was beaten up by police officers, which has subsequently resulted in his death. The case is due to be called up again on 16 December. Many incidents of police brutality were brought to prominence this year, including a second incident involving the Eravur Police Station in October, where video footage showed police officers brutally attacking civilians outside Marliya’s Rice Mill.

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