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Litro warns users against ‘unverified’ soap tests 

a year ago

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  • Requests public to contact 1311 emergency hotline 
BY Pamodi Waravita  Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. yesterday (30 November) advised consumers to refrain from resorting to unverified methods, such as a soap test, to determine liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder-based leaks and to therefore contact the 1311 hotline in case of emergencies.  “Globally accepted best practices should be deployed at all times when handling LPG for cooking or for any other purpose. This means checking the hose, the regulator, the cooker, and the connecting system which includes the safety clip of the cylinder. If there are any LPG cylinder leaks, it is detectable with the smell and visibility – additionally, the only correct method of checking for leaks is when the entire system is connected and observed,” said Litro Gas Lanka in a press release issued yesterday.  Furthermore, the company said that in all instances where customers have complained about possible LPG cylinder leaks, the compromising of safety has taken place as a result of a broken or damaged hose, regulator, or cooker. “All of these devices must be checked and replaced regularly to ensure the best possible safety performance. The hose must be changed every two years and the regulator every five years,” said Litro Gas Lanka Channel Safety Advisor Hemachandra Gunathilake in the same press release. Meanwhile, The Morning learnt that investigation reports received by Litro Gas Lanka into 15 incidents which occurred from last Saturday (27 November) till yesterday are mainly related to faulty equipment. A document on the summary of the incidents, as seen by The Morning, shows that the incidents mainly occurred due to old and defective regulators and hoses, high pressure regulators, defective gas cookers, substandard accessories, the loose positioning of the hose, and the use of a high pressure regulator with a low pressure hose. However, one incident notes a suspected gas leak at the gas cooker-hose connection, whilst another has recorded defects in the cylinder and valve issued by Litro Gas Lanka. Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Nihal Thalduwa said yesterday that 19 incidents of LPG cylinder-based explosions were reported within the last two days.