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US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs wants prioritized political solution in engagement with SL

04 Dec 2021

Representatives Gregory W. Meeks and Michael McCaul, Chair and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging the Administration to prioritize in its Sri Lanka Policy the importance of a substantive and durable political solution. This letter was sent to Blinken yesterday (03). The letter mentions that Since the end of Sri Lanka’s almost 30-year civil war, this committee has demonstrated an interest in ensuring that U.S. policy continue to support reconciliation and accountability, while also addressing the root causes of the conflict, urging the State Department to re-focus its efforts in Sri Lanka to emphasize the importance of a substantive and durable political solution. “The United States has rightly championed justice and human rights in Sri Lanka. Advancing these values will require solutions to political questions that remain unanswered years after the end of the civil war, including the meaningful devolution of power in an undivided Sri Lanka. We urge the Department to support the government’s engagement with opposition parties, including Tamils and Muslims, to find such solutions," the letter states. Additionally, the letter goes on to state that while the Sri Lankan people should lead the debate, the Department should make it clear that the United States stands ready to support and facilitate this effort, adding that ultimately, however, it is imperative that any outcome is determined by and meets the needs of all citizens in Sri Lanka, including the Tamil and Muslim people. Further, the letter mentions that the U.S.-Sri Lanka relationship is a critical one for U.S. foreign policy and national security interests in the Indo Pacific region. Sri Lanka faces several challenges from an impending financial crisis to an unresolved ethnic conflict, that could affect long-term stability. In conclusion, both Meeks and McCaul's letter mentions that a favorable response would be appreciated in this matter.

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