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Another ferry capsizes in Kalutara

04 Dec 2021

Another ferry has capsized in Bolossagama, Kalutara, with one person missing and another badly injured. Speaking exclusively with The Morning, a Kalutara South Police revealed that the identity of the missing person is still unknown and a search is underway for the missing person. "The ferry arrived from the Galpatha terminal and was carrying five persons, three motorcycles and a bicycle. The three motorcycles and bicycle have sunk. The driver of the ferry has sustained injuries and is currently admitted at the Nagoda Hospital in Kalutara," he said. When inquired on the quality of the ferry, the Police spokesperson said that the ferry was more of a 'sub-standard dinghy', rather than a ferry, and said that no safety equipment was aboard the ferry. Police investigations are currently underway to find cause of the incident.

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