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Weerasekera and Fonseka engage in Parliamentary stand-off

04 Dec 2021

A heated debate broke out in Parliament yesterday (03) between Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera and Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka over the Ministry of Defense Expenditure Head. Fonseka accused that the Government does not have a plan in place to ensure National Security, quoting the allocations for the Defence Ministry within next year’s budget, adding that the defence expenditure should not be reduced even though the war has ended. "Just because the war has ended does not mean we do not have foreign threats. We might not have threats right now, but the country must be ready to face foreign threats in the future, even if there is peace internally right now," said Field Marshal Fonseka. Fonseka further mentioned about the defence budget allocations in Singapore, which remains the highest in the world, stating that despite not having a war Singapore has set aside a good budget to ensure national security. "There was an excess of funds, after the war, which had been allocated to purchase tanks to boost the military’s capacity, whereas these funds are not accounted for. Also, people had gone and told the Government at that time that I wanted to be the leader, whereas I never had intentions as such," Fonseka said. “If I want to take over the country, I do not need to import tanks that will not damage Colombo’s streets. I would have crushed everything on my path to acquire what I want,” said Fonseka in his speech. In response to allegations made by Field Marshal Fonseka, Minister Sarath Weersekera accused Fonseka for being a hypocrite. “Don’t blame the Police for being cowards, the whole country knows what a coward and hypocrite you are,” said Weerasekera. "We all know who Sarath Fonseka is. Fonseka is the same person who did not want Tinkering Lasantha to be arrested, and it was Fonseka who was saddened when Lasantha was killed during a raid and found with hidden weapons. Even the Yahapalanaya did not want to give Fonseka the post of Defence Minister, they also know who he is," said Weerasekera. To those statements, Fonseka responded by saying that someday, the Government will fall, and by then Fonseka would be leading the Ministry of Defence.

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