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ITSSL Chairman's home raided by unidentified individuals

13 Dec 2021

Chairman of the Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka, Rajeev Yasiru Kuruwitage, claimed that on the 10th of December, 5 people in civil attire forcefully entered and raided his house without a warrant. He made this statement during a media brief held yesterday (12). "5 people clad in civil attire raided my house, claiming to be from the Special Task Force (STF). One of them produced his identification card and slipped it back inside his pocket. When I asked if they had a court order, they said that they don't need a court order and that the defense ministry had informed them that narcotics are being sold at my place," said Kuruwitage. He went on to say that his room was forcefully entered and was searched, further mentioning that he has a court case on the 16th of December. "I have a suspicion that they are trying to search for evidence to produce against me," he concluded. Earlier this year, Kuruwitage was arrested for allegedly publishing a misleading news item over a cyber attack, claiming several government web sites, including the Presidential Secretariat web site, were hacked.

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