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Path taken to switch from chemical to organic fertiliser is wrong: Agriculture Secy

22 Dec 2021

The switch from chemical to organic fertiliser was not rushed, but instead was wrong says Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture Prof. Udith Jayasinghe. He made this statement while speaking to the media yesterday (21). "It is like purchasing a new vehicle and experiencing a high speed crash. Paddy cultivation which was 100% self sufficient can reach 80%, however we must rectify the mistakes," he said. Prof. Jayasinghe further added that mistakes can happen, however they must not continue. "We have to come out of this situation," he stated. The Professor went on to say that there were some people who had advised the political authorities incorrectly. "There are some people who I would not like to mention, who have advised the political authorities. Management comes after science. I am not stressed, but that does not mean I am not disappointed. I am disappointed. I have regrets as well," he concluded.

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