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Controversial Chinese fertiliser shipment: Case to be settled on several conditions

03 Jan 2022

The controversial Chinese fertiliser shipment case has been settled based on certain conditions proposed by Cabinet Ministers that would have to be adhered to, The Morning learns. Speaking to The Morning, high level sources associated with the matter said that the case was not exactly dismissed, but a settlement which was proposed has now been taken into consideration. "The matter has not been dismissed. It is more of a settlement that was made based on 4 conditions, which would amicably settle the issue. Based on the recommendations from the Cabinet meeting, the Attorney General's office negotiated the terms and conditions of this settlement," our source said. He further added that the terms and conditions that were agreed upon is as follows: 1. The payment to the Qingdao Seawin Biotech company which was initially stopped, would be paid in full. 2. An initial payment is to be paid for a new fertiliser shipment, provided the samples are tested and meets the standards of the Sri Lankan Plant Quarantine Act. 3. Samples are to be tested at an overseas laboratory, namely SGS Laboratory in Switzerland prior to acceptance of the new fertiliser shipment. 4. All parties affiliated with the import of fertiliser are to hold a media brief subsequently. It is learnt that these terms were presented by the Cabinet to the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, and based on that the settlement was agreed upon.

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