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Temporary occupants in Colombo to be registered with Police

a year ago

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The Western Province Community Police has launched a special three-day operation in the city of Colombo to collect details of all temporary occupants and those living on rent within the city. This exercise will be carried out from Friday (Jan. 14) to Sunday (Jan. 16). The project was launched with the aim of ensuring national security and curbing criminal and narcotic activities, the police spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said. Details of temporary occupants living in houses of permanent residents, business premises, institutions, state or private premises, construction sites located within the limits of Colombo Municipal Council area will be collected by the police officers. Such temporary occupants have been instructed to obtain a special form, prepared pursuant to Article 76 of Police Ordinance, from the Community Police Officers and then hand it over to them or the nearest police station after filling it out.