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The Govt has not slipped back nor failed: State Minister

a year ago

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The Government has not slipped back nor failed, but as a Government, preparations for a pandemic was not made says State Minister Dilum Amunugama. He made this statement during a party meeting held yesterday (21). "We have not slipped nor failed as a Government. The only thing I feel we did not prepare was the covid pandemic. When the Government made its commitments to the people, the covid pandemic was non-existent. The Government was not prepared to make major expenditures to vaccinate the population. This was not accounted for, and the Government had to face this situation," said Amunugama. He further explained that when a particular industry has to make sacrifices to accommodate additional expenses such as for the pandemic, the industry suffers. "Yet despite the challenges the Government has faced, the Government has proved to be a success," he concluded.

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