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Government blames panic buying for fuel shortage 

a year ago

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  • Fuel bowser adequate for two days, now sufficient only for two hours: Energy Secy. 
BY Buddhika Samaraweera The Energy Ministry noted that if people stop buying large quantities of fuel including diesel due to undue fear, fuel stocks could be managed without giving rise to a shortage. Speaking to The Morning, Energy Ministry Secretary K.D.R. Olga said: “There is no huge shortage of fuel, particularly of diesel, at the moment. But the problem now is that people are buying and keeping large quantities of fuel due to undue fear. This has caused several fuel stations to run out of stocks.” She also said that a fuel bowser that used to be enough for about two days at a fuel station is now only enough for about two hours. Further claiming that the fuel consumption pattern of the people has changed drastically in the last few months, Olga added that if the previous consumption pattern could be readapted, fuel stocks could be managed without a shortage. The country has been hit by a fuel crisis for the past few months with the economy being hit hard due to the serious deficit of US dollar reserves needed for imports. Over the last few months, many arrivals of stocks of fuel have been delayed due to the said dollar shortage. As a result, the country is facing a shortage of fuel, particularly diesel these days, and the people are seen waiting in long queues near fuel stations. Meanwhile, during a meeting held early this month, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had instructed the relevant authorities to ensure the continuous supply of fuel.

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