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Protestors set up ‘village’ called ‘Gota-Go-Gama’

11 Apr 2022

Protestors, who have occupied Galle Face and its surroundings since Saturday (9), in a massive protest against the President and the current Government, have set up a camp in the Agitation Site close to the Presidential Secretariat dubbed “Gota-Go-Gama”, with dozens of tents.

“Gota-Go-Gama” offers free food, water, toilets, and a makeshift medical camp for health emergencies, through the support of protestors.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankans living and working in the US and other Western countries have also held protests demanding the immediate resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, as well as his return to the US.

Amidst the ongoing protests, a banner with photos of slain and missing journalists had been hung up outside the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (11) evening.

In what may have been the largest crowd witnessed at a protest not organised by a political party or a trade union in recent decades in Sri Lanka, tens of thousands of people converged on Galle Face and its surrounding areas on Saturday (9) to demand the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, increasing the pressure on the Government and the President himself.

Estimates of the attendance ranged from 100,000 to over 500,000, although no official count is available. The protestors were seen still standing outside the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (11), having commenced the protest on Saturday (9) morning. As the day went on, the protestors who had left returned to the site to boost the numbers.


Protestors have vowed to continue their protests until their demands are met. However, Chief Government Whip Johnston Fernando stated in Parliament that the President would not be resigning under any circumstances.

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