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Sunny Side Up: From ‘GotaGo’ to ‘MainaGo’

9 months ago

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The protest site called ‘GotaGoGama’ at Galle Face next to the Presidential Secretariat that was set up by the protesting public calling for the resignation of the President and Government has now expanded to several key towns in the island, including Galle and Kandy. However, last week saw the emergence of a new protest site in Colombo. This time the protest site was set up outside the Prime Minister’s official residence – Temple Trees in Colombo 3. Named as the ‘MainaGoGama,’ the site was officially launched by a group of youth on Monday (25) amidst the chanting of pirith by the Buddhist clergy. The new protest site is to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Government. Despite efforts by the Police to obtain a Court order against the protest site last Monday, the Court turned down the Police request. The Police then decided to obstruct the protest site by parking several Police buses and trucks in front of the tents set up by the protestors. However, the protestors had ignored the obstruction and continued to protest demanding the Premier’s resignation. Meanwhile, officials at Temple Trees last week decided to air pirith chanting recordings at full volume in a bid to subdue the shouts of the protestors. However, the protestors claimed that they would not be deterred by such moves and would not resort to any form of violence as they believed in expressing their objections in a non-violent manner. 

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