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Sunny Side Up: Protest outside Police Minister’s house

a year ago

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Protests continue to be held in all parts of the country over the failures of the Government to address the ongoing economic crisis after failing to heed warnings by experts since last year over the impending crisis in 2022. Amidst the protests demanding the resignations of the President, Prime Minister, and the Government, the public is also continuing to protest demanding justice for the victims of the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks. The Catholic clergy and the public have been taking to the streets protesting over the delay in meting out justice even three years after the attacks. One such protest march resulted in a protest being carried out outside the Udugampola residence of Public Security Minister Prasanna Ranatunga.  While demanding justice for the Easter Sunday attacks victims and expressing displeasure on the Government’s failure to honour its pledge given to the people in the run up to the election, the protesters left a funeral wreath outside the main gate to the Minister’s residence.  

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