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Activists concerned about child nutrition and GBV in Jaffna

01 May 2022

By Dinitha Rathnayke   Concerns have arisen regarding the provision of nutrition to children, as well as incidences of gender-based violence (GBV), in the Jaffna Province. Speaking to The Morning, activist M.Darshani said: “If the current situation continues there is a possibility of not having enough food or proper nutrition and an increase of gender-based violence in the area. “Children are facing starvation due to current price increase of essential items, loss of jobs of parents, shortages of fuel and gas. They are much more susceptible to disease and illnesses such as dysentery, and diarrhoea.” She said that especially preschool and primary schoolchildren have lost their access to nutrition, basic materials, and mental health. Adult mental health issues are also increasing due to social and economic issues, she said, adding that most of them have lost their jobs, including restaurant owners, construction company operators, and fishermen. Jaffna needs solutions before solving the political situation in the country, as they urgently need to address these matters, she noted.

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