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Sunny Side Up: Looting from politicos, distributing among people

15 May 2022

The violence that followed last Monday’s (9) attacks by a group of ruling party supporters on peaceful protestors saw the houses of many politicians being attacked in various parts of the country and some even being set on fire. However, the angry public came across some interesting commodities – which have been in short supply in the country, resulting in the public having to stand in queues for days and sometimes weeks – which were hoarded in large quantities at the houses of several senior politicians. The protestors who attacked two houses belonging to former Minister Chamal Rajapaksa had reportedly come across large quantities of urea fertiliser, diesel, paddy, and dhal stocked in the houses. Also, a large quantity of urea fertiliser had reportedly been found from a farm belonging to North Central Province Governor Maheepala Herath. A large quantity of urea fertiliser, 3,000 litres of diesel, and a large quantity of paddy and dhal had been found in Rajapaksa’s residence in the Kirinda Magama area in Tissamaharama. The stocks had been distributed among the public and the house set ablaze afterwards, reports state. Meanwhile, people who had entered the 50-acre farm belonging to Herath in Bandanagala area in Dimbulagala had come across a large quantity of urea fertiliser and other chemical fertilisers needed for cultivation. A group of farmers had reportedly confiscated these stocks of fertilisers to be distributed among farmers in the area. Many farmers in the area have been continuously protesting demanding fertiliser for them to carry out their livelihoods without hindrance.

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