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BASL writes to CJ and AG expressing concern over reported attempts of unlawful interference

9 months ago

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In a letter sent to both the Chief Justice and the Attorney General, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has expressed its concern over reported attempts of unlawful interference into functions of the judiciary in respect of pending cases relating to protests. The letters dated today (20) mentioned that the same had been brought up by MP Thalatha Athukorala in parliament as well. "The BASL notes that there is a concerted effort by certain parties interested in discrediting the judiciary and the Bar by falsely accusing judges and members of the legal profession of promoting violence. These elements have gone to the extent of casting aspersions on orders made by judicial officers in certain cases. If indeed such a letter has been sent to Your Lordship such letter may be part of the effort to discredit the judiciary," the letters mentioned. Further, The letters stated that the BASL views with serious concern any attempt to unlawfully interfere with the administration of justice as the independence of the judiciary is essential for a just and free society in a democratic state. "It is the considered view of the BASL that if any person attempts to unlawfully interfere with the judiciary such person should be dealt with for contempt of court under Article 105 of the Constitution and prosecuted by the Attorney General for unlawful interference with the judiciary under Article 111C of the Constitution. Public confidence in the system of administration of justice is paramount in today's context and any attempt which is perceived as being an interference with the judiciary will result in a loss of confidence in the administration of justice," the letters noted. The letters concluded by requesting the attention of the Chief Justice and Attorney General in regards to the aforementioned matter and a clarification on steps taken in that respect.

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