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May 09 violence: JVP meets IGP to rectify allegations against the Party

10 months ago

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Members of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) met with the Inspector General of Police C D Wickremaratne today to rectify and discuss the allegations levelled against the party in relation to the unrest that broke out on the 9th of May 2022. Speaking to the media, JVP MP Vijitha Herath stated that the IGP had promised an unbiased and fair investigation into the incident that took place and has so far confirmed that no political affiliation has been made to the incident that took place. "When we spoke to the IGP, he said that so far no political affiliation has been made to any of the people that were involved in the incidents that took place. We came to the police headquarters to refute the claims made by several Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MPs that the violence broke out due to members of the JVP. We personally came to see if any JVP members are arrested or have any allegations against them. But today, we found out from the police that majority of the protesters are not from our party. Clearly, there hasn't been any political affiliations, but we requested the police to investigate into these false allegations," said MP Herath. Meanwhile, JVP member Sunil Handunnetti stated that allegations had been levelled against a JVP member for obstructing a fuel shed recently, and it was only a baseless allegations by people who only wanted to sling mud at the party. "Recently Minister of Power Kanchana Wijeresekera made allegations that a JVP Pradeshi Sabha member had obstructed the distribution of fuel at a petrol shed. We asked the police to investigate into these allegations. Even a police officer called and asked me if it was true that a JVP member was obstructing the distribution of fuel and I said that it was no possible as we would never do such a thing. CCTV footage was being circulated of a police officer talking to another man assuming he was the JVP member just because he was wearing a red t-shirt. This is how false news circulates. Just because a person wears a red t-shirt doesn't mean he is a JVP supporter," said Handunetti. Handunetti further mentioned that the JVP has no intention to create chaos in the country and disrupt harmony within the people of the nation. "We do not gain anything by creating chaos and unrest. That is not how we are or what we stand for. We can see people using these false allegations and relating them to remind people of history and the unrest that took place long ago. I urge the people and the police to call for an unbiased and just investigation and we, the JVP, is ready to give our fullest support. We want to support the people and the JVP has always been there for the people of this nation," Handunetti concluded.

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