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The art of not giving up

8 months ago

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By Ushara Shamini   Life can feel impossible sometimes, especially when you’ve failed to do what you’ve planned to do and you feel like giving up on life. Whenever you feel like giving up, you should take some time and think deeply about the problem with giving up.   Step 1: Ask yourself what’s behind your thoughts of giving up    First, ask yourself whether it is a fear of not being able to accomplish something successfully, or if it is because you worry that others are more successful than you. Is it your lack of knowledge about what’s required in order to complete a task? Or is it because the work is overwhelming?   Step 2: Identify things you can do to overcome obstacles   If you have a fear of failure, then you should focus on a way of getting rid of that fear. Perhaps you could practise one skill on a regular basis to make the obstacle affect you less. If you lack knowledge, ask yourself where and how you can learn what you need, and consider what resources or people you can learn from. If you find the work overwhelming, then you have to make it less overwhelming. You could also explore techniques to manage your time better.   Step 3: Make progress every day in small steps   Start your morning with a good plan. Ask yourself about the tasks you have committed to completing within the day, so that you can prioritise and focus fully on the task. This will help you manage your time productively. Use an effective timetable to divide up your day. Set a timer at 30 or 60 minute increments for shorter sprints. Through this, you will be less likely to get tired or feel demotivated. Take frequent breaks. When you’re done with a segment of work, step away and do something to re-energise yourself.   Step 4: Remember why you started    Ask yourself: ‘Why am I doing this?’ Maybe at the time you wanted to learn a new skill, or perhaps you started researching a topic that interested you. Perhaps you’re studying for an exam so you can graduate and find a job. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur exploring a business opportunity. Remember what it was all about and remember why you were so excited in the first place.   It’s okay to give up sometimes   How far you will carry on with a task will depend on how you are feeling and how well you are doing at it. Remember that you might not always be on the right track, so trust your instincts. You do not have to stick to a task just because of something someone might have once said. You are allowed to explore, be more, and try new things. Not everything will be in your favour. You have the power to drop anything if you feel that it is not quite what you should be doing, because it’s your life and you are the owner of your life. Living for yourself is important. To quote Seth Godin, quitting isn’t necessarily bad – even winners quit all the time. However, they quit ‘the right stuff at the right time’. In making a decision on whether to quit, ask yourself, is the pain worth the light at the end of the tunnel? As Godin says, “Have the guts to do one or the other.” Author description: Ushara Shamini is a freelance researcher, writer, junior social media executive, and translator. Twitter: @Ushara_Shamini Facebook: Ushara Shamini PHOTOS © PEXELS

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