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Working towards abolition of Executive Presidency says PM

8 months ago

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today (29) noted that the Executive Presidency must be abolished and that the timing and methodology should be decided by the party leaders. Making a special statement, Wickremesinghe said, "Today, the main issues in our country are not limited to the economic sphere. There are also two major issues in the political sphere. The re-introduction of the 19th Amendment is one of these issues. We, as party leaders, are now preparing the 21st Amendment in this regard." "The second issue is to work towards the abolition of the Executive Presidency. The timing and methodology must be decided by the Party Leaders," he added. The Prime Minister further noted that the functioning of the Parliament has been paralyzed due to the weakening of the Parliamentary powers by the 20th Amendment. "The Executive has been given more powers. The main allegation today is that the Parliament has not acted to prevent the economic crisis. There is an allegation that even though the ruling party had a majority in Parliament they neglected the work of the Parliament. Everything was systematically controlled by the Cabinet Ministers," he went on to say.

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