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Who were the victims of the Bastian Mawatha shooting? Sri Lanka Police explains

8 months ago

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BY RUWANI FONSEKA The victims of the Bastian Mawatha shooting that took place yesterday (30), were formerly employed as security personel at a restaurant in Colombo and were returning after a court ruling to pay Rs 250,000 in damages to the restaurant owner, says Police Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa. He made this statement while speaking to The Morning today (31). "There were 4 individuals travelling on 2 motorcycles. They were employed at a restaurant in Colombo where they had an argument with the owner. Because of this, they had caused some damage to the restaurant and the owner had filed a lawsuit against them demanding for damages to be paid. When the 4 individuals had arrived at the Aluthkade Courts to pay the damages amounting to Rs 250,000, the owner of the restaurant had not arrived to collect the payment. The individuals then got on their bikes and were returning back, when suddenly 2 men drove past on a bike and opened fire. One person succumbed to his injuries immediately. The other person who was seated behind him is in critical condition at the National Hospital. The other 2 individuals were not harmed, but were also targets," said Thalduwa. He further mentioned that so far no suspects have been identified, but the case has been referred to the Crimes Division and it is yet to be accepted by them. "We have referred the case to the Crimes Division and we are awaiting their acceptance. A total of 10 rounds of ammunition were found at the scene and all evidence is being sent to the Crimes Division," Thalduwa concluded.

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