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Harin discusses tourism industry with former SLTDA Chair

10 months ago

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Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando has had a discussion with former Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Kimarli Fernando. According to a tweet, the Minister stated that the discussion was fruitful and that he looks forward to working with her to develop the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. Former Chairperson Kimarli Fernando provided a notice of her resignation as the Chairperson of all four tourism institutions in the country on 24 May. In her letter addressed to the Minister, regret was expressed in the fact that no meetings were held with the new Tourism Minister in order to review progress and best practice guidance. “Two meetings that you fixed for 21 and 23 May were cancelled. Especially at this critical time for the nation, when tourism would provide the fastest hard currency benefits, the cavalier attitude you have displayed does not bode well. I hope I am proved wrong,” she remarked.

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