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Opposition members of Moratuwa Municipal Council table resolution calling for Samanlal’s resignation

8 months ago

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The Municipal Councilors representing the Opposition at the Moratuwa Municipal Council tabled a resolution stating that Moratuwa Mayor Samanlal Fernando must resign from his position, Moratuwa MC member Lihini Fernando expressed in a tweet today (02). She detailed that Fernando has caused disrepute to the citizens of Moratuwa and is no longer suitable to hold the position as the 1st citizen of Moratuwa. The Moratuwa MC meeting for the month of June was held today, where the councilors met for the first time after the May 9th incident.  The meeting was presided by the Deputy Mayor Samantha Silva, as Mayor Samanlal Fernando is in remand custody over his connections with the violence that ensued on May 9th.  

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