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Rajapaksa's who stole from the country are free, innocent citizens are in prison: Sajith

a year ago

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The biggest joke in the nation is that the Rajapaksa family who stole from the country are free, whereas the innocent citizens who are helpless, poor and struggling for a life are imprisoned, says Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Sajith Premadasa while speaking to the media today (27) after visiting the Aragalaya fighters who have been imprisoned. "The Rajapaksa family has stolen and murdered people and they are still free, whereas the innocent, hungry and struggling Aragalaya fighters who are fighting for the freedom of the country are held prisoners. We will not let this happen and the SJB will not allow for this family and government to destroy the country further," he said. Premadasa further mentioned that the 'puppet' president and government needs to step down immediately, and listen and make way for the voice and needs of the citizens of Sri Lanka. "Let the citizens decide for themselves what they want and how the economy is to be revived, who should lead the country and determine the future of the country," he concluded.

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