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Nippon Donation Foundation donates to health sector

06 Jul 2022

Nippon Donation Foundation Founder Yuma Muranushi recently donated Rs. 10 million to the health sector of Sri Lanka, according to the Board of Investment (BOI). Upon the request of Nippon Donation Foundation International Relations Director Dr. Ruwan Perera, following his meeting with Sri Lanka Trade Development Council (SLTDC), this donation has been made. The Nippon Donation Foundation has pledged to continue with their donation programmes with identified sectors and also to bridge Japanese investors to invest in lucrative projects in Sri Lanka. Additionally, Dr. Perera will facilitate exporters in Sri Lanka to enter the Japanese market, and has made arrangements to bring a Japanese investment delegation to Sri Lanka next month. They are planning to meet Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Government officials to further discuss their future plans. The Nippon Donation Foundation is making donations to many developing countries in the world to uplift the standards of many sectors such as healthcare, education, and entrepreneurship. Hence, Dr. Ruwan Perera was requested to co-ordinate with the foundation to help Sri Lanka during its economic crisis. All the above programmes are co-ordinated through the Sri Lanka Trade Development Council (SLTDC), which is led by Roshana Waduge, a prominent business figure in Sri Lanka. Dr. Ruwan Perera intends to continuously assist Sri Lanka though their foundation. Dr. Ruwan Perera is a business figure in Japan and among many projects he has invested in in Sri Lanka, the latest investment is the $ 25 million project of Colombo Airport Hotel, Katunayake. The SLTDC held a business exchange gathering titled “Japan Sri Lanka Business Exchange Forum 2022” at the Ivy Room, Cinnamon Grand Colombo on 23 June with the participation of SLTDC Chairman Roshana Waduge and other officials. Dr. Ruwan Perera, Yuma Muranushi representing the Nippon Donation Foundation, and a few leading business entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka participated in this exchange as well, in order to explore business opportunities in Japan for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, in addition to seeking investment opportunities in Sri Lanka for Japanese businessmen.

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