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QR NFP: Registering for fuel pass with revenue license available now

6 months ago

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Registration to the National Fuel Pass with the vehicle revenue license is available now, Minister of Energy and Power Kanchana Wijesekara says in a twitter message today (31). He also said that 746 fuel stations have used the QR Code system yesterday making it the highest number in a day. A total of 1,060 fuel stations have adopted to the system as at 8.30pm yesterday (30) and that over 1.1 million transactions have been conducted over QR Code, Wijesekara noted. Meanwhile the Ministry of Power and Energy says that it will be possible to register with the revenue license number from today (31) for vehicles that cannot be registered with the chassis number for the National Fuel Pass. The ministry points out that so far, necessary solutions have been provided for all areas where there were problems in obtaining the fuel pass. Preparations have been made to start fuel distribution across the island from tomorrow (Aug. 01) under the national fuel pass or QR Code system and quota system. Accordingly, the Ministry of Power and Energy points out that the system based on the last digit of the number plate, the token system and other systems that had been in place so far will not be valid from tomorrow. The Ministry of Power and Energy is requesting the public to refrain from gathering at the fuel stations from tomorrow and causing congestion as they have a week to get their respective fuel quota from the fuel stations across the island. Meanwhile, fuel consumption will be reduced by 70 percent by issuing fuel under the QR Code system, according to the Petroleum Private Tanker Owners’ Association. Its co-secretary Mr. Shanta Silva mentioned that even though it is a Sunday, it is planned to carry out fuel distribution activities today.

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