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Teenager commits suicide over affair

8 months ago

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BY Ruwani Fonseka A 13 year old girl has allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the sea after a dispute broke out at home with the father finding out about her love affair with a 15 year old boy in the area, The Morning learns. Speaking to Ambalangoda Head Quarter Inspector (HQI) N K P Vithanage, it is learnt that the girl had been exchanging text messages with the boyfriend when the father had suddenly snatched the phone. "The girl had been exchanging text messages with her boyfriend. The father had noted that the girl had been spending a considerable amount of time on her phone and had suddenly snatched the phone from her hand, only to find the SMS conversation between the two youth. It was then that the father raised his hand at the girl and had confiscated the phone, called the boyfriend and had shouted at him as well. The girl was sent to her room. a little while later, during the power cut, the girl had gone missing," said Vithanage. He went on to say that the entire neighbourhood was then on the search for the girl to no avail. "We found the girl's body washed up at the Ambalangoda beach yesterday. It is a pity because she is very young. She surely drowned, but the body has been sent for a post mortem," he added. Vithanage further noted that he has seen an increase in youth being involved in romantic affairs and advises parents to act with vigilance and responsibly when dealing with youth as rash decisions affect children adversely and decisons taken then end up in the loss of lives. Meanwhile, Police spokesperson SSP (Attorney at Law) Nihal Thalduwa stated that many bodies of youth are found recent past, and preliminary investigations show that most suicide attempts are due to failed relationships, job loss and family disputes.

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