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Trade unions accuse govt of trying to send school children to work

10 months ago

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The Alliance of Trade Unions and Mass Organisations warns that a major social decline may occur in the country through the new programme proposed by the government to provide part-time employment opportunities to school-age children. Speaking during a press conference of the alliance yesterday (11), general secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Joseph Stalin claimed that the government is planning on providing children of school age with the opportunity to work in the private sector for 20 hours per month and that it intends to amend laws for this purpose. He charged that at a time when education has collapsed in the country, the government is thinking about sending children for work, instead of making a programme for education. “What are they expecting?” he questioned. Commenting on this matter, Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) member Duminda Nagamuwa, charged that through this it is planned to bring the children who drop out of school for jobs as soon as possible in the future.

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