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XpressJobs acquires 

12 Oct 2022

XpressJobs stated that it acquired recently, making XpressJobs the biggest player in the online recruitment field, the platform noted issuing a statement. “In 2020 XpressJobs requested to absorb the brand, but it was answered with a ‘no’ as Emerging Media felt strongly that there was space in the market for both brands. They did come into an agreement of allowing the best performer a takeover in future. Thus, the friendly rivalry between the two companies continued,” the statement by XpressJobs noted.  In 2022, XpressJobs recorded a year-on-year growth rate of 115%, and received the financial backing of a Rs. 100 million investment.  With this takeover, the company now has a merged CV database of 520,000, serving over 6,600 local and international clients, and has processed over 2.5 million applications to date.  “We’re very much open to learning from our competitors. We’re open to adapting, evolving and innovating. It is crucial to stay current in this market.” stated XpressJobs Chief Operating Officer Dr. Oshadie Korale.  

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