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Wedding dance choreography with Vimanthi Denipitiya

3 months ago

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    By Nuskiya Nasar It’s the most important day of your life. You’ve been planning this day for months, maybe even years. Every detail has been accounted for – the dress, the cake, the flowers, and the venue. But have you thought about your wedding dance? The Sunday Morning Happinez had the pleasure of discussing the concept of wedding dancing with Vimanthi, the most well-known wedding dance choreographer in town. Here’s everything one should know about this exciting new way to celebrate your special day.   Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Vimanthi Denipitiya, also known as Beatfactory by V. I specialise in teaching beginner-level dancers everything they need to know on surviving the dance floor on their or their loved one’s wedding day. I studied at Musaeus College, Colombo 7, graduated from the University of Greenwich, UK (Edulink), and later pursued my master’s degree in the field of International Business Law at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK (ICBT).  I represented Sri Lanka as an international dance trainer at the cultural internship which was organised by Ryan International School, India back in 2011. I also worked as a dance teacher at Colombo International School from 2017 to 2020. In 2018, I became a US-licensed Zumba fitness instructor. Annie J. Ligo, who is a nationally recognised dancer, is my mentor and she still guides me with the right dance techniques whenever I visit her. I would consider my family, my siblings, and my husband to be my biggest strengths. My husband is also a music producer and he is very supportive in terms of creating personalised mixes for my lovely clients. I’m also extremely privileged to be working with some of the most sought-after wedding planners in the country such as The Wedding Guru, Weddings by Suranga Fernando, Janaka Mawella Weddings, Hemant Dadlani Weddings, Weddings Sri Lanka by Catherina, Haut Monde Event Management, and more. Tell us a little about your Zumba instructing journey. During my career as a teacher of dance, one of my colleagues introduced me to an amazing dance fitness workout routine. I was inspired to see how Zumba instructors help others achieve their respective health goals (both physically and mentally) while enhancing the overall process to be fun and interactive. Later, I ended up becoming a US-licensed Zumba fitness instructor and I have been a Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) member since 2018. In 2019, I was also able to be a part of the ‘Party in Pink’ charity event, the global annual campaign dedicated to raising funds toward the fight against breast cancer. What do you think makes a wedding dance special? A wedding dance is one of the most enjoyable segments of the wedding day for both you and all your well-wishers. A wedding dance could either be a father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, the first dance of the couple, or a surprise dance with your bridal party. It could also be a combination of all of the above. If it’s choreographed well, it will be the perfect moment to capture some unforgettable pictures and videos to cherish the love and elegance of your very special day forever.  Why do you think the first wedding dance needs to be choreographed?  It is one of the most awaited moments of your wedding day. If you feel confident in your first dance, it will be a relaxed moment full of enjoyment. You will also be able to surprise your guests with your newly learnt moves.  If you follow dance lessons with me to prepare for your first dance, you can have your own choreography for your favourite song and you will quickly learn new dance skills as a couple.  Tell us about your very first wedding dance choreography experience. My wedding dance choreography journey started in 2015. Some people closest to me believed in me and gave me the opportunity to choreograph their first dances and surprise dances. In 2019, I started to conduct visiting sessions at locations chosen by couples.  My very first dance choreography experiences helped me to understand my ability to connect with couples on a personal level. This helps to create a fun learning environment, which I also consider one of my greatest strengths as a wedding dance choreographer. It is very important to be professional, approachable, friendly, and fun, whilst helping these couples make their dream wedding dance come true.  What do you think is something every couple should be aware of in terms of the first wedding dance? There’s actually not one specific aspect to it. However, If I had to pick one, then I’d say that no matter where you are – if you are a beginner or an experienced dancer – you must get ready with a well-choreographed first dance prior to your wedding day in order to avoid any kind of awkwardness on your special day. You and your partner should be on the same level no matter what it is. The most important part of that process is a partnership. Ultimately, it’s all about the couple, their love, and the beginning of a new chapter. It will be a moment you and your new spouse will celebrate together. There’s a saying that ‘dance movements teach synchronisation which is a guideline for a good marriage’. What’s your take on this? It’s true. As I’ve tried to explain earlier, a wedding dance should be properly choreographed and synchronised which will then express your love for each other on the dance floor. Guests will be eager to notice the chemistry between the newly married couple during their first dance. A well-planned and practised choreography will help couples to achieve just that. Chemistry and partnership are essential to a great marriage.  What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give everyone when it comes to dancing? It’s not about being good at dancing right away. It’s about getting good at it while building your confidence to express yourself fearlessly, but gracefully. More than the skill or technique, try your best to feel the music. Savour the meaning of the song. The moment you start feeling it, your moves will also come naturally.  PHOTOS © CHĒ STUDIO, CLOUD ATTIC, AMARANTE STUDIO, DANUSHKA SENADEERA PHOTOGRAPHY, FOCUS ELEVEN PHOTOGRAPHY

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