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‘I want to be an actress’ – Sinadi Suhansa 

3 months ago

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By Kusumanjalee Thilakarathna Sinadi Suhansa is an 11-year-old girl from Taxila Central College, Horana who aspires to become an actress. She is a talented dancer. Speaking to The Sunday Morning Little Stars, she said that she is passionate about learning traditional dance methods.  Sinadi, can you tell us more about yourself? My name is Hewamahawattage Don Sinadi Suhansa and I am 11 years old. I am a student of Horana Taxila Central College and currently, I study in grade 6. I have one older brother. My hobbies include playing, watching cartoons, and reading storybooks. I also love to dance. I have three pet cats.  What are the names of your cats? One is Komali. She is brown, black, and white. The second one is Chooty and he is brown and white. The last one is named Kitty and she is orange and white in colour. Their favourite thing to eat is fish and they will eat fish all day long if possible. I love playing with them and I miss them so much when I go to school.  What is your ambition? I want to become an actress and I also want to study dancing further.  Have you received any opportunities to act? Yes. I have acted in a couple of telefilms on Hiru TV. I took part in two big drama productions; both the dramas are yet to be telecasted. I hope they’ll be telecasted soon.    What is your favourite subject in school? Geography. I love to learn about the earth and the environment.  Why do you prefer traditional dancing? I really love the moves and the training in traditional dancing. I also think the costumes are very nice. They show us how rich our culture is.  Do you also pursue sports? Yes. I just started to play chess in school and I am loving it. Is there anyone you want to thank? Yes, my parents and my brother. They always support me with school work and other work.

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