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AYU introduces brand new weekend lunch buffet

4 years ago

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There is something about the endless spread of goodies, all laid out and ready for the taking that brings out the inner child in us all. Inspired by the urban grocery store concept, AYU now introduces a brand new weekend lunch buffet, offering a range of creative concepts by recently appointed Executive Chef Meththa Ekanayake. Making use of local produce such as coconut, jackfruit, and an arsenal of spices, AYU now delivers an abundance of incredible local dishes. From sleek seafood counters to fiery Sri Lankan rice and curry, ranging from the crunchy yet juicy devilled beef to cuttlefish bedum, jackfruit curry, manioc, chicken curry, fish ambul thiyal, and the famous mouth-watering black pork curry, these are just a few items you shouldn’t miss when you visit AYU. Together with the hotel’s resident Indian Chef Rana, AYU also boasts a separate counter featuring the finest Indian dishes in town. From aloo channa to chicken malai tikka and mutton rogan josh, even the samosa and pakoras are cooked up on the spot in the action stations. Chef Ekanayake has also created 10 new dishes for the buffet spread that include fish piccata, chicken mushroom pot pie, and Lebanese roasted lamb together with a good range of fresh seafood and cooked meats resplendent with desserts and cheeses as far as the eye can see. Guests can stack their plates from various stations and action counters but should make sure to always save room for the mouthwatering desserts, especially when they’re equal parts melt-in-your-mouth and absolutely good looking; sample as many as you like, from cheesecakes to Nutella puff pastries and the best creme brulee. From irresistible plates of apple pie to velvety scoops of ice-cream, indulge in endless sweet treats at the AYU lunch buffet. The brand new AYU weekend lunch buffet is priced at Rs. 2,930 Nett and you can call 0117 450 440 for reservations on Saturdays and Sundays.

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