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Former Minister Ravi.K asks why? why? why?

4 years ago

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Former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake today asked why some individuals are being protected by the Finance Ministry when, according to him, they are posing a threat to the economy. Karunanayake also asked why the value of the Rupee is being allowed to depreciate. "It is important that the rupee is strengthened," he told Parliament today. He also questioned the monetary policy of the Central Bank stating that it was having a negative impact on the country. The former Minister said that major companies in Sri Lanka were suffering and were not making enough profits. Karunanayake, who was forced to resign as a Minister over the Treasury Bond scam, urged the President and Prime Minister to take action against those in the Central Bank who were "going on the wrong track". He also questioned as to why only certain people, including himself, had been singled out in the Treasury Bond scam and yet no action had been taken against anyone else.

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