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Muslim Aid denies allegations

06 May 2019

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka (MASL) strongly refuted allegations circulating on social media and other communication channels that Muslim Aid funded religious organisations. MASL said it has not given any such donation since its inception in 2004. The organisation was established in the aftermath of the tsunami in 2004, registered under the Ministry of National Integration, Official Languages, Social Progress, and Hindu Religious Affairs. Its work is centred on serving all communities in Sri Lanka regardless of their religion, race, gender, creed, or ethnicity. Promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG One which is to end poverty, MASL focuses on economic empowerment and livelihood support to increase the income of vulnerable families in the country. MASL also implements the provision of clean water and sanitation in line with SDG Six. Muslim Aid’s third thematic area of work is humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction (DRR), as well as immediate response and relief/recovery efforts during the event of major disasters in the country. Humanitarian assistance and emergency relief has been a primary thematic area of the work of MASL since its inception. Muslim Aid Sri Lanka, throughout the years, has swiftly responded to natural disasters and rehabilitation work, having been established in the country as a result of post‐tsunami rehabilitation and recovery. “Muslim Aid Sri Lanka is a humanitarian organisation, not a religious organisation. It does not support any religious ideology or religious group in any form or by any means,” the organisation reiterated. “All our official partners are Government‐accredited community-based organisations, UN organisations, and international NGOs that operate in Sri Lanka, embracing people of all ethnicities and all religions. The organisation consists of teams comprising all communities that have a decade’s worth of experience to operate and implement development projects in the country. Furthermore, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka’s workforce contributes a wealth of collective expertise in many areas of humanitarian work,” MASL added.

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