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4 years ago

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Strapline: A destination wedding by FMLK
By Dimithri Wijesinghe
On 14 June, Fashion (FMLK) launched their exclusive wedding saree collection “A Destination Wedding” at their recently opened outlet on Green Path.
Collaborating with Prabath from Salon Kess for hair and make-up, floral arrangements by 90F Weddings, and Kesara Photography, they’ve really made an attempt to provide a fully-covered wedding experience.
The launch also introduced new collections by TRUNK jewellery and Ruwini Jayarathne Jewellery.
We spoke to the design coordinator at FMLK, Shilanthi Abegunewardene, who spoke of the relevance of the collection for this time of the year and what makes it different. “We planned this around June. That basically being the month of weddings, we thought it is highly relevant right now, and the collaborators we have on board are all here to really accentuate your experience.”
She further added that at FMLK, each designer brings something unique to the table, considering them having honed and developed their own individual style during their time at AOD, and it is no trouble putting forward a new collection every week.
Shilanthi also stated: “We have to highlight the fact that all of our sarees are Sri Lankan designed, made, and produced. We work with local artisans for our handloom and batik, and everything is meant for the tropics.”
Shehani De Silva, one of the designers contributing to the new launch, shared: “The way our 10-people team works, every designer gets to work on individual items and also contribute to the whole, so they don’t get creatively drained, but instead can push themselves creatively.” She also said that up to this point, FMLK has been an online operation and the physical store has been a real asset, adding: “Having a physical store has really made all the difference – to see what people like and what they don’t really gravitate to.”
We also spoke to Senanin Wickremasinghe, who heads the bridal collection. “This bridal collection is actually mine, but I have done with the help of some of the amazing designers here, and we think that we are presenting something new as we chose earthy tones that are very tropic appropriate and will be picked up by Lankan brides.”
“I believe that this colour palette will pick up and they really complement our skin tone. Our sarees look very different but also very hip, as we’ve adopted very contemporary designs; they look very rich and will really bring out the grandeur of your event,” Senanin added.
We also caught up with designers Natalie Goonathilake and Uddami Wijesekara, who are both employed at FMLK. They spoke highly of their collaboration with Fashion Market, providing that the brand really allows you to elevate Sri Lankan artistry. While remaining local, they are able to create things that are at another level.

Photos Pradeep Dambarage

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