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4 years ago

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By Chenelle Fernando Ishan De Lannerolle, who has conducted numerous productions over the past, is pleased to introduce three of his students – Rachel Brohier, Aanya Tiwari, and Aaron Pathinather – who will be taking the stage on 28 July. The concert is set to take place at Elevate, Access Towers 2 from 7-8.15 p.m. Rachel, a past student of Ladies’ College Colombo has been an active member of her school choir throughout her entire school career and took up leadership in 2016. [caption id="attachment_39894" align="alignnone" width="835"] Rachel Brohier[/caption] Her cover of “I will pray for you”, in collaboration with her friends, after the Easter Sunday attacks amassed around 10,000 views, and was even aired on mainstream media later on. A product of The British School in Colombo, Aaron was discovered for his voice at the age of 16. [caption id="attachment_39893" align="alignnone" width="835"] Aaron Pathinather[/caption] Known for his expanding vocal range, Aaron generally occasions his performances with the keyboard and guitar. He hopes to perform some of his original music at the concert on the 28th. [caption id="attachment_39895" align="alignnone" width="835"] Aanya Tiwari[/caption] Guest performer Aanya Tiwari, who has been a student of Ishan’s for the past five years, represented her school – Elizabeth Moir – at the Asia Pacific Choir Games. The evening is set to be a heartfelt one for Aanya as this will be her last time performing in Sri Lanka before she leaves to the US. We managed to get in touch with Rachel and Aaron ahead of the concert. The Sunday Morning is the official print media partner for the concert. Speaking to The Sunday Morning Brunch, Rachel shared that she’s dabbled into genres like pop, gospel, a bit of country, and rhythm and blues from time to time. “So, I haven't really stuck to one genre but I've gone into many genres in order to figure out what I'm capable of doing. I'm still to try jazz, but I'm sure I'll be able to attempt some jazz songs soon.” Aaron shared that there are some good oldies such as “My Way”, “Can't Help Falling In Love”, and many more that he likes to sing. Rachel thinks training with The Voice has been the self-esteem and confidence boost she’s needed in order to push and improve herself not only musically but as a person too. “I'm not shy anymore when it comes to taking the stage and singing, and I've been so blessed to have Uncle Ishan who continues to strive and push me towards heights I never in a million years thought I could reach.” Aaron too shared that at the start, he wasn't too keen on hearing his own voice and wasn't too confident about performing solo. But after being a part of The Voice for the past three years, he feels he’s become a better performer and is ready to take on the industry. Rachel shared: “This is actually the second time I'm singing in a solo act. This time, I'm just excited and extremely proud of Aanya, Aaron, and even myself that we worked hard balancing university, work hours, and everything else to come together and entertain everyone. We have so much to be proud of and I know that this is just the start of greater things for all of us.” Aaron shared that he will forever be looking forward to performing anywhere and at any time. “I am a person who loves the stage and who loves to perform.” Aanya Tiwari, speaking to The Sunday Morning Brunch shared that her journey with The Voice has been memorable and these five years just flew by. “I came in as a shy intermediate and have now gained much confidence. It was under the guidance of dear uncle Ishan that my natural alto range was encouraged and strengthened. I learnt the dynamics, improved in all weak areas, and became a better overall performer. His truthful advice and encouraging nature made me improve constantly.” The Voice, she said, gave her a platform to perform many a time, yet there is one performance that always stands to be her personal favourite. “I travelled back to the 1st of June when I performed a solo at the concert ‘Different Voices 2’. I sang my heart out as Adele took over me while I sang her famous song ‘Someone Like You’. This was much appreciated and I got a lot of exposure.” Tiwari continued that she is very emotional performing for this concert. “I feel as though this is indeed the perfect goodbye for me as I leave the shores of my second home after 14 years.” Date: 28 July Venue: Elevate, Access Towers 2 Time: 7-8.15 p.m. Ticket details: For tickets, call Rachel 0776 576 250, Aanya 0755 000 009, or visit Commons Coffee House.

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