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Court imposes travel ban on Swiss Embassy employee

3 years ago

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The Colombo Chief Magistrate's Court has imposed an overseas travel ban on the Swiss Embassy employee who was allegedly abducted and questioned by a group of unidentified individuals on the 25th of November. The travel ban will be in place until a statement is recorded from the Swiss Embassy staffer. The Police and the government have been calling for a statement from the victim over the past few days. The Swiss Embassy in a statement last week said it immediately lodged a formal complaint on behalf of the victim and is fully cooperating with the Sri Lanka authorities in order to support police investigation and initiate an inquiry over the case, while duly considering the health condition of the victim. The Swiss Embassy said due to the victims deteriorating health condition, the victim is currently not in a state to testify. The Swiss Embassy said on 25 November 2019 one of its employees was detained against their will in the street, forced to get into a car, seriously threatened at length by unidentified men and forced in order to disclose embassy-related information.    

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