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Cinnamon Grand denies relocation rumors

3 years ago

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John Keells Holdings-owned Cinnamon Grand Colombo, one of the leading hotels in the city, dismissed any rumors of relocation or a change of ownership amidst speculations of relocation spreading on social media. A spokesperson from the hotel told The Sunday Morning Business that there will be no change of purpose or ownership of the Cinnamon Grand hotel. “This means the hotel will continue operation. There is no reason for shifting and no hospital will occupy this location,” the spokesperson noted in response to our inquiry. Following the decision by John Keells Holdings (JKH) to close down Crescat Boulevard, located next to Cinnamon Grand, due to refurbishing purposes, speculation was rife that Cinnamon Grand would be moved to Cinnamon Life and a Singaporean hospital was set to occupy Cinnamon Grand’s current location. Cinnamon Life is JKH’s biggest project in Sri Lanka to date and is being built with an investment of $ 850 million. Billed as the city’s lifestyle capital, it will feature a five-star Cinnamon hotel with 800 rooms, a state-of-the-art 30-storey office tower, shopping and entertainment spaces, theatres, restaurants, and premium residential apartments. Meanwhile, JKH postponed the decision to close down Crescat Boulevard in order to cater to the increased demand during the festive season.

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