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The multi-talented little Tevinya

3 years ago

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This Grade Four student of Lyceum International School, Wattala has a phenomenal voice and she is very passionate about being a part of her church choir. Tevinya Rathnapriya is at the moment busy getting ready to sing at the church festival which is set to be celebrated in the coming weeks. Tevinya, introduce yourself to the Little Stars audience. My name is Tevinya Rathnapriya and I am eight years old. My school is Lyceum International School in Wattala. I study in Grade Four. My class teacher’s name is Ms. Samitha. There are four members in my family and I love my family. My best friend’s name is Lavanya. My favourite food is rice and I love to eat avocado. My favourite colour is blue. What is your favourite extracurricular activity? In school, I participate in dancing, music, singing, and sports activities. My favourite out of these is singing. What sports do you play? Athletics, especially running and high jump.  Since when do you sing? I started being trained from Grade One. I don’t attend any private classes. My school teacher is the one who trains me. It was my teacher Ms. Angelica from Lyceum International School, Kandana who first recognised my talent.  I am also a part of thechurch choir of Kithu Arana in Ragama. I really enjoy being a part of that group. What’s your favourite song? My favourite song is Speechless. That is a song from the movie Aladdin. Tell us more about your recent achievements. During last year’s school drawing competition, I received a merit certificate for drawing a menorah. I also won second place in the folk singing competition and was placed sixth in the English singing competition. For two consecutive years, I received the prize for Best Attendance at Sunday school, and I also became the first in class for three years in a row. What’s your favourite book? I loved the last book I read. It was The Little Mermaid. But my all-time favourite is Aladdin. Do you play any music instruments? I play the piano since Grade Three. What is your ambition? I want to become a scientist when I grow up and invent things. I want to learn about air balloons as well as plants.  Whom do you want to thank? I want to thank my Ammi and Thaththi for being with me all the time, Ms. Samitha, and my teacher Ms. Angelica for all the support they have given. But most of all, I want to thank Jesus for the beautiful voice he has given me.   Photos Eshan Dasanayaka

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