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When tourists arrive in the country: No quarantine, only PCR tests

02 Jun 2020

By Skandha Gunasekara No quarantine procedures will be followed for tourists arriving in the country, but rigorous PCR testing is to be carried out before and after their arrival. Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation Siripala Hettiarchchi said that a negative PCR test was a prerequisite for tourists to be allowed into the country, but that they would not have to endure a quarantine process. “A negative PCR test when applying for a visa is a must. Once they arrive, they have to take another PCR test here as well. There will be no quarantine. But more random PCR tests will be done,” Hettiarachchi said. Furthermore, he said the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) would be issuing Covid-19-free certificates to hotels. “The SLTDA would be certifying hotels that have followed the health guidelines and are covid-free,” he said.

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