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Sri Lanka lobbies for UK ‘travel corridor’ status

3 years ago

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Sri Lanka Tourism is making efforts through diplomatic channels to include Sri Lanka as one of the UK’s travel corridors to enable travel with no quarantine for tourists returning to UK from Sri Lanka or for Sri Lankans visiting UK. For this purpose Sri Lanka Tourism is working closely with Foreign Affairs Ministry as well as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UK and the UK Ambassador to Sri Lanka Sarah Hulton. In addition, similar discussions are being had with other Ambassadors for identical arrangement with those countries. “We are working closely with our Ambassador in the UK and other Ambassadors who are talking to the relevant governments, we are also in regular contact with the UK Ambassador Sarah Hulton. Since the date of Colombo airport opening isn’t known, that can be a constraint to getting on safe travel lists which also factor in reciprocity” said Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson -Sri Lanka Tourism. Sri Lanka Tourism is also working closely with the Ministry of Health on a detailed protocol on resuming international tourism in Sri Lanka in a Covid-19 safe environment. “This is an all-encompassing protocol, going beyond just the certification of accommodation sector” stated Mrs Fernando, saying that it is in the final stages. Once approved, it would provide further comfort to other governments as it covers all touch points of international visitors to the country. She also stated that Sri Lanka Tourism is in discussion to provide insurance policies specifically to cover international guests for COVID-19 related risks.

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