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Sunny days: Tops edition

3 years ago

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By Mahika Panditha Back at it again with some fantastic sunny day fashion tips. I know that in the past week, it has been raining on and off and has been a little gloomy, but do not fret – there is a fashion statement for every type of weather! As we come to the end of another week and head into a new month, I think it would be great for everyone to take time to reflect on themselves and their actions in the past month. This is also a great time to throw out some old things and bring in some new hey, why not go shopping for some new tops? You can never really go wrong with some basic tees or a simple crop top, or maybe even a cute tank top. But honestly, my personal favourite would be a backless top! As I say every week, we are still living in a Covid-19 era, so it is important to look after both ourselves and the people around us. Therefore, please do keep your masks on and if you can, pair it up with your outfit. I mean, why not right? So without further ado, let’s jump right in – I am going to take you through some of my favourite pieces of the season and where to get them. Tie-dye Ah, the tie-dye obsession! It comes back every now and again, but it is a constant fashion trend that we LOVE. Of course, this gives a more “chill vibe” that we will all be embracing during this time as everyone is on holiday from school or university abroad (or in the country due to Covid-19). It has become a popular activity to get together with your friends and tie-dye some old clothes lying around, or buy some monochrome pieces specifically to tie-dye. Whatever may be the case, it is a fun and funky top to throw on with a pair of shorts or even with your jeans. You can wear this anywhere and at any time; it truly does depend on the styling of it all. Pick up your own from Tribe Island SL on Instagram. You can even customise your own shirt. Solid colours This is a great item to have in your closet, regardless of the weather, season, country, and anything else. I love a good solid colour moment, especially if they are bold colours like dark blue, red, or dark green. A solid-colour top is absolutely multifunctional and is, without a doubt, goes perfectly with anything, whether it be shorts, a skirt, pants, overalls – whatever works for you. The good thing about these kinds of tops is that you can wear the same top out at night and for work (if the cut and style is appropriate!). Check out this beautiful red top from Sarala Vida Sri Lanka. Their “Buenos Aires” top comes in black, red, and pastel pink – but the red one is definitely my favourite. Long sleeves Considering how the weather has been fluctuating, it would be a worthwhile investment to look into some long-sleeved tops that are still flowy and comfortable – ones that you will look cute in. Personally, I love a good long-sleeved crop top and I have had my eye on this one from Royal & Regal for ages now! Their Renné crop top is absolutely stunning and you could definitely pull it off with a cute skirt or even with a pair of printed shorts. Throw on some gold jewellery and have fun. It gives me Mamma Mia vibes and I think that is absolutely perfect for this time of year. Tube tops Can you ever really go wrong with a cute tube top? No. You cannot! I know there is some major difficulty with tube tops, especially if it does not hold, but when you find the right one, that stuff is fire! You can dress up or dress down tube tops; they are super functional and also add a bit of fun to any outfit you are wearing. I love wearing tube tops with my denim skirt or with a pair of jeans with a shirt thrown over it like a kimono. Azwani – The Label has some gorgeous pieces and what caught my eye was this stunning orange tube top they had on their page, but I love a good print as well. Definitely check them out for your tube top haul! The classic shirt Speaking of shirts, I think everyone should have that classic white shirt in their closet. I throw on mine with some skinny jeans, flats, and chunk jewelry – it just gives a cozy but formal vibe to my outfit and works great for some meetings too. You can probably borrow one of your father’s, brother’s, boyfriend’s, or whoever else’s shirt, but if you want one of your own, you should check out Absolute Basics! As the name suggests, they retail basic wear and it’s beautiful. Their “Collarless Flow Shirt” is such a classic and is a definite must-have. The cropped shirt I might have an obsession with shirts, but anyways, if you are not into the full shirt, go for a cropped shirt. If you throw this on with a pair of ripped jeans, it basically brings it all together. You could even throw this on over a pair of shorts and it will look fantastic. The beauty of crop tops is that you can wear them with anything. This specific piece from Damn Clothing has my heart. I mean, look at that design. You can check Damn Clothing out for more cropped shirts; they are for sure going to be a brilliant addition to your closet! PHOTOS Tribal Island, Sarala Vida, Royal & Regal, Azwani – The Label, Absolute Basics, Damn Clothing (Instagram)

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