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Repatriation of expat workers - 40,000 registered to return

3 years ago

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By Skandha Gunasekara There are 900,000 expatriate workers currently in the Middle East, of which 40,000 have registered to return, The Morning learnt. “There are 40,000-plus Sri Lankans in the Middle East who have registered to be brought back down,” Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Media Spokesman K.P. Randeniya told The Morning. In addition, he said that 8,000 expats had informed Sri Lankan Missions of loss of employment but steps were already being taken to rectify the situation. “Several thousands have lost their jobs. But we have asked our mission to come up with a mechanism for re-employment and some countries have extended their support,” Randeniya said, noting that Qatar had already found new jobs. He said that the repatriation process will be expedited next week. “As per the information we have, the airport will be partially reopened for flights to come. The repatriation process will be sped up.”

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