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Meet digital creator Hasna Saleem

3 years ago

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  By Mahika Panditha  Before I start, I have to admit that I am a major fan of who’s been featured on our cover today. She is a content strategist for several brands as well as a content creator for her own personal brand which you can check out – @hasnasaleem15 on Instagram. If you already know who I am talking about, then you understand why I am a fan! Hasna Saleem has some of the most stunning content and has showcased her passion for styling, makeup, skincare, and photography online. Her goal is to be a globally recognised content creator, and we are here for it! In case you were wondering, her guilty pleasure is watching TikToks, and frankly, so is ours! I mean, it’s addictive. You could spend hours doing it! Without further ado, meet Hasna Saleem!  Tell us a little about yourself. Where can I start! I’m a free-spirited person, I enjoy living life on my own terms. I found my fire on Instagram, and I’m currently a fulltime content creator, and a content strategist for brands as of recent. I’m also a calligrapher and digital illustrator in my free time; I run my page, where I explore more modern hand lettering styles coupled with simple illustration. I’m all about that glow life. I love makeup, skincare, and styling – it’s therapeutic. Dressing up is a confidence booster for me and I have a very minimal style with a capsule wardrobe of versatile pieces. I have also always been into sports. I currently workout five to six days a week with an online instructor and I try to maintain a steady 15,000 steps every day. Sometimes, it’s all I look forward to in a day because I find it calming and fulfilling. Basically, I’m busy living life to the fullest. Time is so limited and I want to make the most of it by living my best life. How did you enter the world of content creation? Well, I’ve always loved taking pictures. It started off with pictures of my dog and anything that was in the garden (I’m also a plant lady), then I slowly moved on to taking pictures of my food. But the tipping point was probably in college, when I used to help out with modelling my friends’ designs, etc., which was when I realised that I loved being in pictures as much as taking them. I improved my photography skills over time and I also moved into art direction because I now have to tell my husband how to take my pictures! Haha! And now that I’m here, it’s not just about a pretty picture; I also want to share the little things I learn along the way, and I want to maintain a good relationship with my audience while growing organically.  So what inspires you to share your journey online? I’ve been inspired by so many people on social media as well in real life. It’s given me a sense of confidence to be able to use my voice for the things that matter, to stand up for myself and others, and to share my lifestyle publicly, hoping it could be useful for someone or even just make someone smile. It’s become so natural for me, it’s a part of my daily routine. Whether it’s a good day or a bad one, I feel like I have an online family to share things with, to learn from, and where we make each other feel motivated to achieve all the things we want in life. So, I’d say I have a pretty amazing support system both online and off, encouraging me to create content and share my stories. Any advice for upcoming or aspiring content creators? We have a responsibility to the people and to ourselves to be authentic and honest. Be genuine about the content you create and go for it!   In your journey so far as a content creator, content writer, and a calligraphy artist, what’s been one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned? Patience. The perfect shot takes practice. The perfect lettering strokes take time. If you are patient with yourself, you will eventually grow.  Apart from this, you are also a content strategist for brands. Talk to us about that. How is it working with so many different types of brands? In my past experience working in the advertising industry, I’ve come to realise that a clear strategy paves the way for a creative path. And that’s exactly what I want to do for brands on social media, more specifically on Instagram. There’s always a method to the madness and identifying that method would help create seamless and engaging content for brands. I currently work with a brand in the restaurant industry and honestly I’m really enjoying the work because it’s so exciting.  What is your favourite thing about work, and how would you describe your work ethic? The thing I like most is the creative freedom that comes with being a content creator. It’s so liberating to be creating content on the things you love. I stress on the latter because I work with brands and people that directly go with my lifestyle, or products/services that I personally use and enjoy. I’m true to myself and I only promote what I genuinely think is good or worth trying out.  What do you like to do in your free time? I love to travel! My husband and I enjoy visiting places we’ve not been to. We try to visit a new country every year! Other than that, I enjoy the company of my close friends and love trying out new food/restaurants.  What is your ideal holiday? Beach. Pool. Spa. Food. Lastly, where do you think you and your platform will be in about five years? Hopefully with a verified tick by Instagram! Haha! But more seriously, I hope I’ll be able to inspire more people to live their best lives.

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