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Culprits will be punished: Ali Sabry

2 years ago

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Every last individual who is responsible for the 2019 Easter attacks will be brought before the law, said newly appointed Minister of Justice President’s Counsel (PC) Ali Sabry. He expressed these views speaking at a programme held in Kandy on Tuesday (12). He stated that he took oaths as the Minister of Justice not to serve one community but to serve the whole country. “We are committed to establishing the Constitution of this country. I have sworn twice, once as a lawyer and another time as a President’s Counsel, to protect the Constitution of this country.” Sabry says that he will guarantee that he won’t commit even a minute of wrongdoing towards this country, its peace, and its brotherhood. “For 1,100 years, Muslims in Sri Lanka have lived with dignity. Therefore, there is no other person who wants extremism eradicated from the Muslim community more than us; because we cannot live freely when extremists exist. “We are fully committed to bringing every last person responsible for the Easter attacks before the law and punishing them.” Minister Sabry said that he has come to bring people together and not to build walls between them. He further said that the Muslims and the minority in the country have commenced a new journey that is “national politics based on policies instead of politics based on race”. However, when the minorities join this journey, it a responsibility of the major parties to extend their arms of brotherhood towards them. The message given by the President and the Prime Minister when appointing him as the Justice Minister was that “all will be treated equally”, Minister Sabry added.