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Substandard turmeric powder | CAA recalls substandard stocks

2 years ago

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By Sarah Hannan
The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) said that it is continuously conducting raids on places selling substandard turmeric powder.
Speaking to The Morning, a CAA official noted that the recently confiscated stock of turmeric powder had higher percentages of wheat flour and food colouring instead of turmeric in it. “We request the consumers to stick to purchasing turmeric powder from known spice brands. The issue is with the retail stocks that are sold in the market. Samples from several batches at present have been sent to the Government Analyst’s Department-recommended laboratory for testing,” the official elaborated. The restrictions on imports due to Covid-19 prevention protocols have created a shortage in several commodities in the market, the CAA confirmed. On 13 August, the Navy recovered two gunny sacks full of dried turmeric hidden at the Oluthuduwai beach. The Navy has been conducting regular patrols to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants and smuggling of contraband into the country via maritime transport. The retrieved sacks were stuffed with dried turmeric weighing about 57.2 kg, the Navy informed. On a previous occasion too, the Navy seized 999.5 kg of turmeric which is believed to have been smuggled via sea routes. It is suspected that the consignment discovered on 13 August might have been smuggled in a similar manner. Meanwhile, the seized haul of turmeric was handed over to the Jaffna Customs Office for onward legal action.