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ARII Wellness: The 100% natural and organic wellness brand driven by two sisters

3 years ago

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Wellness has become an ever more important aspect of our lives, with people paying more attention to what they put inside and on their bodies than ever before. From clean, organic food to all-natural personal care, wellness is fast becoming an essential need. [caption id="attachment_95402" align="alignright" width="132"] Amreeya and Rihaab[/caption] One of the newest brands making a splash in the wellness market, is ARII Wellness, a family-owned and grown band being driven by two sisters, Amreeya and Rihaab. Just over two weeks old, the ARII Wellness brand focuses on creating 100% Sri Lankan natural wellness products with organic, ethically sourced ingredients that don’t go through any unnatural processes. ARII Wellness cares about the value of their products and takes care not to compromise the benefits and nutrients their carefully curated lineup provides. ARII Wellness is the newest venture of the ARII brand, which also includes ARII Jewels, with big dreams to pioneer a revolution in celebrating the beauty and the benefits of products in their natural, untainted form. ARII Jewels were one of the first brands to popularise the use of raw, natural-stoned jewellery in Sri Lanka. The ARII Wellness brand currently features three core wellness products, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Nourishing Herbal Hair Oil, and Organic Wild Bees Honey. All products are sourced and made in Sri Lanka to keep things all-natural and ethically sustainable. The duo behind ARII Wellness, sisters Amreeya and Rihaab, are self-described opposites who are “poles apart”. Amreeya commented on coming together to work on ARII Wellness, sharing: “We both have very different likes and dislikes, but one of the only things we are able to agree on is ARII Wellness because we are both passionate about promoting the use of natural products and highlighting things in their purest form.” Embracing Sri Lankan industries and products is very important to ARII Wellness. “There are so many Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables and herbs used daily in our households, but we are unfortunately not privy to all the benefits of using these products in their natural form,” Rihaab shared. “Take virgin coconut oil, for example, its benefits go so far beyond its use in cooking. Add it to your daily cup of coffee for a boost of immunity. Swish it around in your mouth to prevent dental decay. Use it on your skin. The uses are endless,” she added. ARII Wellness’ products retain all their natural goodness and nutrients and are not tested on animals in any way. The ARII Wellness range has been tried and tested extensively for months by a select range of family and friends. The ARII Wellness nourishing hair oil alone has shown a myriad of benefits, including getting rid of and preventing dandruff, reducing hair fall to a minimum (something both Amreeya and Rihaab are very thankful for), and most importantly triggering new hair growth for those with hair loss and bald patches. Amreeya commented on the most remarkable property of ARII Wellness’ nourishing hair oil, explaining: “The number one thing is that it not only triggers new hair growth but that it triggers the growth of black hair, which makes it amazing for those trying to keep their hair from greying.” Rihaab added: “ARII Wellness’ products are 100% safe. We make sure the products retain all their natural goodness and nutrients; they’re organically sourced and there are no preservative or additives. With our Organic Wild Bees Honey and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, you can actually taste the difference. For our hair oil, we did consider using ingredients to mask the natural scent. However, we decided not to resort to anything artificial to ensure that the benefits are not impacted in any way. Thankfully, once you massage it into your scalp, the smell is barely noticeable. So our products are 100% natural and completely safe. Even a baby can use our hair oil.” Staying true to its ethical vision, ARII Wellness works with a small group of local manufacturers and communities from around the island to source their ingredients. In sourcing their organic wild honey, for example, ARII Wellness works with locals who go into the jungle and get the honey themselves from naturally occurring hives. “We want to be conscious in our thinking, and think about the environment while looking to empower the local communities that bring our products or ingredients to us,” Amreeya explained. ARII Wellness sells through its social media platforms and is launching its website in the near future, before hoping to open a small retail outlet in Colombo. It’s also looking to expand its product range, although this is based solely on when they perfect their product. “When we try and find something really good that is worth sharing, we will gradually introduce it. It’s all about being true to ourselves, to our brand, and most importantly our customers,” Amreeya added. “The ARII Wellness brand is all about championing holistic wellness and providing premium quality products at the best possible rates,” Rihaab shared, adding: “This is something we started together as sisters to explore our passion and we want to promote the concept of wellness and make the good stuff accessible to people. We want people to get to know the benefits of using something that is completely natural and of exceptional quality. We personally use all our products ourselves and we confidently believe that anyone can derive the innumerable health and wellness benefits without the side effects from our products.”

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