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Temporary approval to import turmeric

2 years ago

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The Government is to permit the temporary importation of turmeric to the country in order to avoid a shortage, State Minister of Minor Export Crop Development and Export Promotion Janaka Wakkumbura has said. The Minister has explained that steps would be taken to import turmeric for about one-and-a-half years. He has further noted that legal action would be initiated against traders selling turmeric above the approved price of Rs. 700 per kilo. According to the Minister, local production of turmeric could be increased to meet the local requirement in about one and half years. “However, the import of turmeric in unlimited quantities as in the past would not be allowed as it ruined the local farmer. The present government would import only the shortfall. An effective plan would be implemented to boost cultivation of traditional export crops and provide incentives to the farmer,” Wakkumbura has added.