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Islandwide power outage | Losses to CEB being assessed 

2 years ago

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By Skandha Gunasekara
  “There is a loss to the CEB because we can’t run the Norochcholai power plant at the moment and we have to run some expensive power plants and hydro power plants,” Ministry of Power Development Director Sulakshana Jayawardena said. He said that the financial damage would be assessed in the coming days. “We haven’t calculated what the costs will be in the coming days for the additional power supply while Norochcholai is down.” He said while the power cut hadn’t caused direct losses to the CEB, the economy would have incurred losses. “It would have had an adverse effect on the economy, especially in terms of small businesses and livelihoods.” He said there can be further power outages while Norochcholai is brought back online. “It’ll take about four days to have it operational again. There is a possibility of power cuts during that period but we are trying to avoid such a situation.”

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